The Swiss Canadian Mountain Range Association (SCMRA)  is a member of the Shooting Federation of Canada and the Swiss Shooting Federation. The club was incorporated in 1964 under The Societies Act of the Province of British Columbia. We are financially independent and are proud to declare that we have never yet and do not intend to depend on government grants and/or taxpayers’ money.

Our membership totals roughly 100 members. We have an initiation fee of $210.00 and an annual membership fee of $130.00. We carefully screen new applicants as to their personality and lifestyle. All new applicants have a 6 months probationary period. The aim of our Association is to preserve the Swiss tradition while adhering and adapting to the Canadian way of life.

Besides target shooting we organize several social events for our members and numerous guests. We also host the annual Swiss National Day celebrations. We are the organizers of the  “International Match Vancouver”, a postal match which was inaugurated in 1965 at which time 31 clubs participated. The number of clubs, from Switzerland and elsewhere, competing in the annual match has increased to more than 800.

Our facilities are situated on a 21 acre site and are used during all seasons. They include a “Chalet” clubhouse, ranges for 300m Fullbore, 50m Rifle and Pistol, 30m Crossbow, as well as 10m Indoor; all of them equipped with electronic targets. In addition, there is also a Trap range.

We participate on a postal basis in various shooting competitions in Switzerland. Members also compete in an annual club championship, highlighted by a fall shooting festival. This competition is unique in North America, where shooters compete for a best aggregate score in four disciplines: Rifle, Pistol, Smallbore and Crossbow. Approximately 80 shooters partake each year, coming from as far away as California, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver Island and the Interior of British Columbia.

We enjoy the freedom and opportunity to continue the sport which we learned and know from our country of origin and are grateful to the District of Coquitlam, the Province of British Columbia and our adopted country, Canada.

Key Events

1964     Founded in April 15, 1964 – 40 acres leased in Coquitlam.
1965     The 300m Range was built and The Vancouver International Match was started.
1975     The property was purchased.
1976     13 acres of land was sold to B.C Hydro
1977     The Swiss Crossbow Association built their shooting facility on our property.
1978     The club was renamed to “Swiss Canadian Mountain Range Association” with 3 sections, Rifle Club, Pistol Club, and Small-bore Club.
1979     The construction of the clubhouse started / 50m range was completed.
1982     Official opening of the clubhouse.
1986     10 meter indoor range was completed.
1990     Installed 6 new 300m electronic targets.
1997     Trap range was completed.
2001     Installed Electronic 50m Targets.
2007     The Swiss Crossbow Association joined our club as a subsection of the SCMRA.
2013     Upgraded 50m Electronic Targets.
2014     50th Anniversary Shoot and Celebration